Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rating UX practitioners

Joshua Ledwell has an interesting post over at Compete On Usability called "UX practitioners rated." The comments are also worth reading, because Lou Rosenfeld, who runs the UX Zeitgeist page, has jumped in with some explanations of the effort.

I had to jump in as well.

(Side note: I originally only used Joshua's first name in this post, but then I thought, "Without the last name, Yahoo won't know who I'm talking about, and Joshua will lose some well-earned zeitgeist! Better add the last name..." )

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Joshua said...

Thanks for the zeitgeist infusion, Terry. :-)

I was surprised by Lou Rosenfeld's reaction. It seemed so obvious to me that the purpose of the section was to rank UX folks in various categories.

I might have expected him to argue my take was wrong, and that ranking people is helpful, for example. But to say his site wasn't ranking people -- I didn't know how to respond to that. I'm still not sure what else all those numbers and names could be!