Monday, July 9, 2007

The little deviants

I took the kids to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer yesterday. In the commercials before the movie, there was this:

So the commercial has demons living in the sewers who emerge to attack the "sheeple". The demons decapitate the sheeple, play with the decapitated heads, slip into the skin of the sheeple, and, apparently, customize their cars. The demons are the good guys in the commercial. My 8-year old son had nightmares last night from that commercial... seriously. And the worst part is, I bet Scion would be happy to hear that. This reminded me of another recent commercial, where a cellphone company was trying to sell a new feature that, I guess, allows to text message multiple friends at a time. What should you do with this feature? Apparently arrange so that you and your friends can all simultaneously vandalize a grocery store. Again, the people doing the vandalizing are the good guys in the commercial. The target audience. This is not trend I'm happy about.

Compare that to this Liberty Mutual commercial:

How do you want your company to advertise?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw it in the theatres before Transformers and it was really disturbing. I talked with the manager of the theatre afterwards...who knows if it changed anything. Anyway, I agree with you all the way.

sean wheeler said...
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Anonymous said...

Scion specifically requested that the little deviant ads be played only before rated R movies.

its the theaters own fault for playing it before anything other than a rated r, so to get mad at scion is obsurred. get mad at the theater for not following ad campaign directions.

plus, nobody dies in the end. the sheeple still run away, headless and all :)