Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Post-vacation roundup

After a long weekend of taking my son to the Smithsonian Institute for his 9th birthday, here's a few of the things I missed while I was out:

  • Adam Polansky has an article on Boxes and Arrows about "Faceted Feature Analysis", which is basically a way to prioritize feature requirements in a way that takes ego out of the mix.
  • A discussion of Charlie Card usability problems at Compete on Usability - as if we don't have enough problems getting people to use mass transit in this country.
  • Bokardo has a discussion on why the Netflix site is so good - which I agree with completely. I've been sticking with Netflix for longer than I probably should because a) Blockbuster is evil, and b) I love the Netflix app.
  • Jeffrey Veen tells an interesting tale of how design inspiration can come from strange places - like Raiders of the Lost Ark - and why you should sleep with your laptop.

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