Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life without mouse clicking

A colleague forwarded this link to me - http://www.dontclick.it/

It's a browser interface that completely removes the need to click the mouse button.

I'm not sure that there's a problem worth solving here, but it's an interesting exercise.


Joshua Ledwell said...

What a fantastic thought experiment! Interactivity by just pointing is a great challenge for an interface designer to undertake.

I've read about gesture-based interfaces, but that relatively simple example brings home the whole concept without any need for words.

Terry said...

The odd part is that there seems to be clear value in creating interfaces that get rid of the mouse, but it's less clear that there is value in creating interfaces that keep the mouse and get rid of the clicks. However, as you say, it's a smaller step to go from no-click-mouse-GUI to an iPhone/Surface-type gesture-based GUI.

But mostly it's just cool.